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How does home monitoring work in Greensboro?

December 19, 2022
Smartphone access to a home security system.

You’ve done your research and reached the decision that home security systems will boost the safety of your residence. You even like the idea of a smart home to add convenience and energy savings to your life. But are you still debating the necessity of home monitoring?

Let’s take a moment to see how home monitoring works in [[targelocation]] and why this extra line of defense is well worth the cost.

Learn how Greensboro home monitoring works

If having 24-hour access to dedicated security professionals seems to be a smart idea to you, you should consider home monitoring. Even though they are always just seconds away when needed, that isn’t suggesting they are overly invasive. You won’t discover them constantly surveilling your property or inspecting your video clips. Instead, they spring to action the moment an emergency occurs. Here’s how:

  • Whenever one of your smart devices is set off -- whether it’s a door sensor or fire alarm -- your Vivint Smart Hub™ is instantly signaled.

  • Your command center then relays the alert instantly to your monitoring experts.

  • A smart home monitoring specialist will then communicate with you to authenticate the emergency and check on your safety.

  • If the monitoring specialist is not able to speak with you, they will automatically alert emergency services.

  • Your representatives are there to help you through the emergency and will function as the primary contact with emergency personnel in the event you are away.

Always standing by to help, home monitoring specialists are connected to your property through your security components. This gives you more than just a sense of peace as you have actual, live experts to help you when you need them most.


Protecting your house, even when you’re not there

Having round-the-clock assistance on call in the event of an emergency is great when you’re home as you’ll be occupied making sure loved ones are out of danger. It’s even more vital when something takes place when you’re not there. Think about your fire alarm beeping or an entrypoint sensor setting your alarm off when you’re on holiday. What will occur when no one is there to hear the alert of the blaring siren? By integrating 24-hour monitoring, your property is always guarded, no matter where you are.

Your Vivint Smart Hub is vital in Greensboro home monitoring

You can visualize your Vivint Smart Hub as the core of your home security system. All device communications are directed through this convenient, central command center. On top of being your bridge to monitoring professionals, the smart hub delivers these extra virtues:

  • Emergency button to reach your smart home monitoring specialists
  • 2-way audio functionality letting you speak straight to your monitoring staff
  • You have the ability to request help with any kind of concern, including medical matters

If you’re not able to find your phone when a disaster occurs, you can still speak with your monitoring agents right through your control panel.

Get home monitoring with your advanced Greensboro security system

Consult with the professionals at Vivint and request a fully integrated Greensboro smart home with the 24-7 monitoring, fire alarms, and security sensors you should have. We understand the value of monitoring which is why it is included with our available packages. If you want to boost your property’s defense, call (336) 962-5081 or complete the following form to get started.