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Ways to cut down on false alarms in Greensboro

June 17, 2022

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False alarms are an actual problem for a home security system. Not only do they erode the confidence you have in your equipment, but they can also be a pain to resolve. Fortunately, you can do a number of things to minimize false alarms from your Greensboro home security system.

First, ensure that all components are installed properly. This will probably seem like a no-brainer, but it frequently happens that basic mistakes result in false alarms. For the next step, keep an eye on likely sources of false alarms, including a back door that could be left open inadvertently. And of course, don't hesitate to integrate the extra tools like home automation and geotracking to cut down on false alarms in Greensboro.

Could it be really that straightforward? Read on and discover for yourself.

Can you stop false alarms in Greensboro?

Like diagnosing any issue, the best course of action is to review the owner’s instruction booklet. Make sure all alarms and sensors are installed correctly from your end by:

  • Executing a checkup through your smart hub touchscreen.
  • Manually check each component to ensure it didn't slip or need a new battery.
  • Look over your schedules and presets to be certain that your home’s security isn’t activating at inopportune times.
  • Ensure all integrated smart components are incorporated correctly and aren't conflicting with your alarms.

Reach out to your customer service representative if you still have trouble cutting down false alarms in your Greensboro security system. They'll gladly send out a tech to examine your equipment.

Inspect your doors and windows

When your installation appears to be OK, the ensuing course of action is to do a sweep of your residence. Are all your doors and widows shut tight, or do you find some mistakenly ajar? If an entry point stays open, it may activate an activated sensor. If your clan routinely fails to close an entrance, you can install a smart locking mechanism that automatically locks when your system is activated. Unfortunately, windows take additional physical effort, particularly if you have a family member who enjoys to fall asleep with a window cracked. Fortunately, your Vivint home security system makes it a breeze to disengage that sensor while still shielding the remaining areas of the residence.

Home automation tends to be an effective technique to cut down on false alarms in Greensboro

One of the best techniques to reduce the probability of false alarms is to integrate home automation into your security system. When utilizing your mobile security app, have the ability to:

  • Set a schedule to disengage the alarm when you’re on site and avoid false alarms that happen due to mistakenly unlatching an entry point. You can then program the alarm to automatically set again at night as you start your bedtime routine.
  • Have your system deactivate when your smart locking mechanism is activated with the correct code.
  • Utilize geotracking to turn on your alarm as you depart the property, then turn off when you come back to the house.
  • Get cell phone notifications when your devices detect unusual motion or need a new battery.
  • Pair your system to a smart home speaker, so you may turn your system on or off without the cell phone app or smart home hub.

Cut down on false alarms in Greensboro with a Vivint smart home system

Increased command over your property’s security means less chance of false alarms. To build your Vivint smart home, reach out to (336) 962-5081 or send in the following form.